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Nourish Mantra

Green Tea Face Wash 50g - Nourish Mantra

Green Tea Face Wash 50g - Nourish Mantra

Give your skin a deep cleansing action it deserves to wake up you and your senses and reveal healthy glowing skin with 2 in 1 formula. This exfoliating cleanser refreshes and revitalizes your skin with all-natural ingredients like- Green Tea, Walnut Powder, Niacinamide and Aloe Vera. With the richness of antioxidants and nutrients in green tea, it has become one of the most talked active ingredients that effectively treats acne. It has polyphenols that kill infection-causing bacteria, paving the way for calm and clear skin. Where a great exfoliator, walnut powder re-introduces you to your clean, smooth, radiant skin. It evens out your skin tone by improving skin texture. Aloe vera, a medicinal herb, will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized for a long time. Its vitamin C and E content will keep premature aging signs at bay and gradually increase collagen production in the skin. An amalgamation of all these ingredients takes your skincare to the next level with gentle yet effective cleanser formulation.

How to Use:
Apply the cleanser on your wet face and neck.
Massage gently in circular motions.
Rinse with water and pat your face dry.
Use twice daily.

Fights against acne causing bacteria
Gently exfoliate for squeaky clear skin
Clear the clogged skin pores
Sloughs away dead skin cells
Controls excess oil production.
Gives healthy, glowing skin
Removes skin dullness
Get rid of oiliness and clogged pores
Reduces bacterial growth causing pimples, breakouts and acne
Promotes collagen production
Increases moisture retention

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