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Nourish Mantra

Ratrani Clay Face Wash 50g - Nourish Mantra

Ratrani Clay Face Wash 50g - Nourish Mantra

A detoxifying and skin-purifying cleanser with the transformative powers of mineral-rich Moroccan and French Red Clay. It also dives into activated charcoal and vitamin E richness to give you velvety soft skin. Moroccan and French Red Clay are the basis for this detoxifying formula. Rich in magnesium, calcium, and other minerals, the clay will draw out impurities from your skin. It is incredibly effective in restoring balance, brightening the complexion, and purifying the skin. Not only will it give you a clean, soft and vibrant complexion. Meanwhile, activated charcoal and Vitamin E will boost the cleansing effect and bring skin clarity. You’ll be amazed at the silky smooth feel of your skin and how revived your complexion will look!
So, experience a remarkable transformation of your skin today.

How to Use:
Apply the cleanser on your wet face and neck.
Massage gently in circular motions.
Rinse with water and pat your face dry.
Use twice daily.

Regulates natural oil production
Exfoliates dead skin cells
Eliminates blackheads and acne
Deep cleansing formula

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