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Bella Vita Hydra-Plus Night Cream 15 gm

While you sleep, the Bella Vita Organic Hydra-plus Night Cream works wonders on your skin. This perfect night therapy is a blend of natural ingredients that effectively replenishes, soothes, and smoothes out skin texture overnight, resulting in pumped-up skin. Snow Mushrooms are praised for their high water retention capacity, which aids in the formation of a natural flexible hydration film on the skin, restoring dry skin to its optimally hydrated and supple state. Moringa's powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties help to protect the skin from environmental stressors and reverse the wear and tear effects caused by UV radiation, whereas Passion Fruit's vitamin A, C, and carotene content enhances blood circulation and prevents premature ageing for a youthful appearance. Rosehip Oil has anti-aging properties and is packed with molecules that absorb deeply into the skin, improving moisture and collagen levels.

How To Use
Step 1: Take a small amount of hydra-plus night cream on your palm and apply it evenly across a well cleansed face and neck.
Step 2: Gently massage in upwards-outwards direction till it gets absorbed into the skin.
For best results, use it daily and pair it with Hydr-plus face wash & hydra-plus face toner.

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