JMsolution Water Luminous Avocado Oil Ampoule Mask

Formulated with incredibly nourishing ingredients including avocado oil, a 3-layer hyaluronic acid complex, 4 peptides and an anti-pollution complex to strengthen your moisture barrier and revitalize dull, stressed and sensitive skin. Plump sheet holding essence in full, not feeling heavy or weighty. Avocado, known as a superfood, contains a large amount of Tocopherol and cares skin firm with supplying high moisturization and nutrition to dry skin in the season of easily causing dead skin cells, and is effective in preventing aging.c Fine micro sheet holds essence and delivers energy softly. Avocado Oil & Moringa Seed Oil: Two kinds of oil provide nourishment and firmness to dehydrated skin. It gently spreads to give full hydration for a healthy-looking water luminous complexion.

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